StopForeclosureInfo.org is not a government agency. StopForeclosureInfo.org is provided by Realty One Group Inc., an Illinois real estate brokerage corporation in collaboration with Housing Counseling Agencies committed to provide education, free counseling and access to government programs to assist struggling homeowners. We do not induce homeowners to bypass their lender, we encourage them to contact their lenders, lawyers, credit counselors and housing counselors.


Foreclosure Help

Find out your options and get advice on foreclosure alternatives, loan modifications, government mortgage relief, short sales, forbearance, deed-in-lieu and more. A housing counselor can help you:

  • Identify all available mortgage relief options
  • Create a customized action plan
  • Provide budget suggestions
  • Help negotiate directly with your lender


All you need to provide is:

  • Financial information – your current income and expenses
  • Mortgage information – from your mortgage statement that contains your loan number(s).


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